Saturday, September 8, 2012

Notepad for Ubuntu

       Notepad for ubuntu !!! I think by notepad for Ubuntu, maximum Ubuntu users will think that I am talking about the default text editor i.e. gedit. But it's something different. It is something that is faster than gedit, uses lesser memory and is more similar to Microsoft's Windows' Notepad.

       I am talking about leafpad .

     Leafpad is not installed by default in Ubuntu. It is present in Software center under category Accessories. You can also install it using terminal via the command :

sudo apt-get install leafpad
Advantages :-
1) Very low on resources.
2) Extremely fast
3) Similar to notepad of windows hence people switching from Windows will find it familiar to use.
4) Sleek and simple
5) Clean Interface.

Disadvantages :-
1) No support for tabs.
2) Too simple.
3) No option to choose encoding

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