Saturday, October 10, 2015

Suggestions invited for the website look and feel

Hi everyone,

I haven't added anything to my blog from many days ( more than a year ) but I know you like whatever content is already present here.

I want to ask all you people / blog-readers that how this website / blog looks and how it can be made better / easier to read. 

You can even tell me what you want to read about Ubuntu. This reminds me of the fact that ever new and better Ubuntu version 15.10 aka Wily Werewolf is arriving on 22nd October i.e. 12 days more from my time-zone ) . 
Picture source: OMG-Ubuntu
I will be upgrading to the same as I am on a non-LTS edition of Ubuntu i.e. 15.04. What will be your choice ?

All sort of suggestion or even criticising comments about the blog will be welcomed. Please take a minute out of your precious time and provide the suggestions.

Note: Please do mention the device ( i.e. desktop / mobile ) for which you are commenting.

Thank you.